Summer Nights

Summer Nights...Design the Perfect Space

Now that summer is in full swing it’s time to enjoy late sunsets and spending time outdoors waiting on the fireflies to perform their nightly light show. Summer nights rekindle many beloved memories from our childhood, remind us of the mysteries of deep space, and give us that extra time to spend with those we love. Here are three tips to transform your outdoor space into the perfect place to enjoy summer nights:

Design for others

One of our favorite summer activities is hosting friends and family in our backyards. Keep others in mind as you design your space to ensure there is sufficient space for people to gather, as well as to break off from the big group. Special nooks, smartly placed large rocks, and inviting patios can serve to facilitate the fun memories or long-kept secrets!

Design for time

Summer nights in the backyard usually mean more time spent in the backyard. So think about the types of experiences you want to have. Should there be a fire pit to enjoy after the moon comes out or a patio to enjoy a glass of wine? Be intentional about where your seating areas are and the views of the landscape from those places.

Design for tomorrow

Transforming your outdoor space is as exciting for us as it is for you. So don’t just think about what you want now, think about tomorrow. And the year after that. Will it need to accommodate a graduation party, a retirement celebration, or a rehearsal dinner? Think about all the memories you will create, and don’t just design for ‘now’ and forget about ‘later.’

Let’s dream, design, and build together. Give us a call at 215-321-5678 and we’ll meet you at your place… or stop by and see us at Shady Brook Farm.