Case Study: Bob and Pat


Bob and Pat had recently purchased a home in Quakertown, PA and needed more usable backyard space to accommodate frequent visits from their 11 kids and grandkids. The area had to be much bigger while incorporating an existing deck at the back of the home (as well as a koi pond and a hot tub). The couple reached out to PLANT to design and build their perfect backyard.

A large, circular patio would be built adjacent to the existing deck to provide a significant portion of the additional space. From the patio, a natural stone walkway drops down, alongside the koi pond, leading to a large fire pit and seating area. The design is unified with another stone pathway that connects the driveway and the backyard area, making it easy for friends and family to access the space.

In terms of style, Bob and Pat wanted to go with a natural aesthetic that would include stone, slate and large boulders. With the plans set and materials chosen, the PLANT team went to work to make the plan a reality.

Together, each element ‘just blends in with the area and environment,’ says Bob. ‘When I get up every morning and open the shade and look outside, [it] sets the tone for the day.’

Check out the video to see this awesome backyard transformation


About JOn Kontz

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