The Best of Yardley: 3 Inspiring Yards

3 Inspiring Yardley Landscape Ideas

Welcome to Yardley.

Yardley, PA has seen the PLANT-touch on many of its backyards. We decided to give you a peek into a few of the designs, the details, and the inspiration behind the project.

PROJECT Goal: TRANSFORM the front yard with a garden

We don't often find ourselves working only in the front yard - but this was a perfect opportunity to beautify the home with a front yard garden. The homeowner wanted low maintenance plants and a great view from the front porch.

One secret to great design is to look from your point of view! It's not all about how people see it from the road, but how you want to experience the world from your porch or living room! (Shhh... don't tell people, this is one of our secrets.)

We designed what was once a bare lawn with rocks into a tranquil space to relax in, with great front porch views. Our featured plants were hydrangeas, nepita, schip laurel, and galium.  The beautiful mix of blue, purple, and white make a great all-seasons experience.

PROJECT Goal: Create an intimate patio with a timeless entryway that kept the backyard a private space.

Intimacy. We love that word around our landscape projects. We designed a no-maintenance backyard getaway with an intimate fire pit that was totally secluded from the outside world by instant screening to surround and create a private room

A gorgeous Western Red Cedar Arbor draws you in as you wander across bluestone steps into the yard. The surprise? An outdoor living space right off of the back patio surrounded by a palette of blues, grays, and greens.

Can you come over? Maybe... but you could also make your own.

PROJECT Goal: Save the existing tree roots by creating a raised boardwalk.

Majestic Katsura Trees were here before us - and the homeowner wanted this valuable part of the environment to stay. So we designed concrete piers and engineered around the existing roots to allow a raised boardwalk through the yard to a private pool and patio area. 

This low maintenance design gives a clear pathway from the house to the pool, so you can enjoy mud-free swimming and coming and going from the house as you enjoy the yard and pool.

The timeless treasure? This wooden look will weather into a grey colored raised boardwalk - becoming one with the landscape.

So, what's your vision?

We love to start with ideas, goals, and backyard transformations, bringing them into your reality - no matter how complex it may seem. Do you have a project in mind? Let's talk about how we can design and build your outdoor spaces into memory makers for your friends and family.