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Bob & Pat’s Story: Room For The Whole Family

Location: Quakertown, PA

Bob and Pat had recently purchased a home in Quakertown, PA and needed more usable backyard space to accommodate frequent visits from their 11 kids and grandkids. The area had to be much bigger while incorporating an existing deck at the back of the home (as well as a koi pond and a hot tub). The couple reached out to PLANT to design and build their perfect backyard.

A large, circular patio would be built adjacent to the existing deck to provide a significant portion of the additional space. From the patio, a natural stone walkway drops down, alongside the koi pond, leading to a large fire pit and seating area. The design is unified with another stone pathway that connects the driveway and the backyard area, making it easy for friends and family to access the space.

In terms of style, Bob and Pat wanted to go with a natural aesthetic that would include stone, slate and large boulders. With the plans set and materials chosen, the PLANT team went to work to make the plan a reality.

Together, each element ‘just blends in with the area and environment,’ says Bob. ‘When I get up every morning and open the shade and look outside, [it] sets the tone for the day.’

Check out the video to see this awesome backyard transformation

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Some of our Recent Projects

Patio Install

Location: Doylestown, PA

For this backyard project, the clients had some idea of the direction they wanted to go… but were not exactly sure what they wanted to have designed and built. The PLANT team worked with the homeowners to understand their style- and the finer points of how the space would be used

They knew that they wanted a separate dining area and a separate sitting area along with a fire pit. With the end in mind, our team began working backward from there.

Ultimately, the PLANT team presented a design to the homeowner that you can see in the video. It turns out, the ideal design for the intended use was something reminiscent of a park-like setting. ‘We didn’t know it but that’s what we got!’

In the end, this design was successful because we were able to help the homeowners to get the space they wanted through a proven design process– a configuration they likely wouldn’t have sought out without getting elementary about how they’d be using the space.

Flower Garden and Foutain

Location: New Hope, PA

‘Backyard garden, please! But hold (most of) the plants.’ 

For this outdoor project in New Hope, PA, the homeowners contacted PLANT looking to create a ‘living’ backyard flower garden along with a water element to enjoy from the home at night. But being gardeners, they wanted us to leave some of the flower planting to them. 

‘That’s what the space is for… for us to garden.’ The size and shape for this garden was still a big question.’ (As well as positioning the fountain near the house).

One of our designers, Ed, visited the space and considered the layout. He presented arrangements for fencing and established a workable size for the garden with room to spare for ideal positioning of the water fountain that served the primary use goal: planting flowers.

The result is a space that met the spatial requirements and the clients’ end-use goal.

Walkway and patio

Location: Glen Valley, PA

Here’s what they knew: they wanted a patio with bluestone, a place for lounging and casual conversation and eating with friends as well as a solution for unifying the driveway and the backyard.

After understanding who they were and what their style was like (the styles they preferred), we presented a plan that unified the driveway entrance and the backyard via a wrap around walkway leading to the backyard patio area. No more walking on the grass!

From the time the first shovel touched the soil, it was about five work days until the project was completed. Their dog, Marco, gives two paws up!

Deck, pergola, and pavillion

Location: Furlong, PA

For this project in Furlong, PA, the homeowners wanted two distinct outdoor living areas in the same general backyard location. Specifically, they wanted one space to serve as the entertainment & ‘hang-out’ spot and another to use as an outdoor dining area.

‘‘We wanted a roof for the entertaining area- for protection from rain and for warmth.” But for the dining area- they wanted to preserve an ‘open air’ feel while still maintaining protection from periods of really intense sun.

After taking the time to really understand the client’s vision for the space and their style, the PLANT team went to work on a design.

The final result was a separate yet unified experience for outdoor dining and lounging at home. A pergola ended up being the perfect structure for providing shade in the dining area- protecting against intense sunlight while still preserving that ‘outside’ feeling. A wispy, ‘beach’ vibe infuses this roomy nook.

Whereas for the entertaining space, a pavilion was used to provide total overhead protection from the elements. A prominent outdoor fireplace is the designer’s equivalent of glue in this instance. Each element of the lounge-spot is tied together via the hearth’s central placement and dualistic nature that’s one part form and another part function.

Natural materials, muted earth tones and a shared wooden deck surface serve to bring both spaces into harmony with one another.

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