Case Study: Flower Garden and Fountain


Location: New Hope, PA

‘Backyard garden, please! But hold (most of) the plants.’ 

For this outdoor project in New Hope, PA, the homeowners contacted PLANT looking to create a ‘living’ backyard flower garden along with a water element to enjoy from the home at night. But being gardeners, they wanted us to leave some of the flower planting to them. 

‘That’s what the space is for… for us to garden.’ The size and shape for this garden was still a big question.’ (As well as positioning the fountain near the house).

One of our designers, Ed, visited the space and considered the layout. He presented arrangements for fencing and established a workable size for the garden with room to spare for ideal positioning of the water fountain that served the primary use goal: planting flowers.

The result is a space that met the spatial requirements and the clients’ end-use goal.


About JOn Kontz

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