Case Study: Patio Install


Location: Doylestown, PA

For this backyard project, the clients had some idea of the direction they wanted to go… but were not exactly sure what they wanted to have designed and built. The PLANT team worked with the homeowners to understand their style- and the finer points of how the space would be used. 

They knew that they wanted a separate dining area and a separate sitting area along with a fire pit. With the end in mind, our team began working backward from there.

Ultimately, the PLANT team presented a design to the homeowner that you can see in the video. It turns out, the ideal design for the intended use was something reminiscent of a park-like setting. ‘We didn’t know it but that’s what we got!’

In the end, this design was successful because we were able to help the homeowners to get the space they wanted through a proven design process- a configuration they likely wouldn’t have sought out without getting elementary about how they’d be using the space.


About JOn Kontz

Jon Kontz is CEO of PLANT Design Group, a landscape design company located in Newtown, PA. He has over 25 years of experience designing and building landscapes. He can be reached directly at jon@plantdesigngroup.comOutside of business hours, you can find Jon fly fishing, rock climbing and farming with his wife and children. PLANT Design Group is a landscape design and build company based in Newtown, PA. We specialize in exterior property design and outdoor living spaces including landscape, hardscape and exterior construction. Serving clients in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia, PA. Visit us at or to speak with us about your project today, call 215-321-5678. Plant Design Group At Hortulus Farm 60 Thompson Mill Rd, Newtown PA 1894