Landscape Design Services In Bucks County: How To Hire For A Backyard Makeover Project


A backyard makeover is one thing when you’re watching it happen with the assistance of HGTV and the luxury of time-lapse- but it’s truly another thing to go through the process in real life with your own backyard. But before there are designs or tea-sipping on the new patio, first comes the task of deciding who will design and build it. And that means finding a landscape designer that you connect with.

If there’s one thing we have mastered- it’s the art of the backyard makeover. Years of experience designing and building backyard spaces has allowed us to take in a whole lot about feedback from those we’ve built backyards for- here are some key points to help you choose who will provide the landscape design services for your backyard makeover.

Trust From The Start: Chemistry With Your Landscape Designer 

Trust is the foundation of a good landscape designer-client relationship. In fact, it’s integral to your result that you are confident the landscape designer and design company that you ultimately work with are working in your interest. 

In searching for a company to make your backyard dreams a reality- take the time to really talk with them. See if you and that person ‘get along’ and that they appear to ‘get you’ as well as your sense of personal style. Don’t overthink it. Don’t second guess your initial reaction- this is something you will feel.

If you’re not ‘feeling’ the designer who comes out to your property to talk about the possibilities- listen to that feeling. If there’s no chemistry or trust- then collaborating on aspects of the yard design is going to be a long process.

Accessibility: Communicating With Your Landscape Designer

Since a backyard makeover involves multiple aspects and trades within landscape design- like services that include hardscaping, garden design, planting, landscaping, exterior construction, lighting, plumbing, gas line work, interior repairs, concrete work, masonry, pool plastering, tile, deck carpentry, irrigation, etc… (as well as appliance selection, fire and water features and backyard accessories)- it’s easy to get the feeling that it could get overwhelming. But again, your comfort level during the process will depend largely on who you are working with.

Your involvement in the process of your backyard makeover is essential for a great result. But don’t worry- an experienced and reputable landscape designer will be right there to make sure you get what you are looking for. 

A professional landscape design company will be easy to get ahold of so collaboration can happen without a painful back and forth. Ideas, questions and numbers should flow quickly and efficiently. Make sure to ask the companies how quickly you should expect to get help or get answers to your questions or quotes when it matters most to you.

PLANT has created their own software to make communication easy. There is no more waiting for numbers and estimates. Once a scope and design is defined, we can typically provide construction estimates in a matter of minutes, and requested revisions just as quickly! No more waiting and wondering!

Red Flag: Beware Of Those Who Try To ‘Sell’ You Your Backyard

Getting a backyard that you’ll love isn’t about us selling it’s about us listening and creating what you want, within your budget constraints. If you get the feeling that you’re being pressured or ‘sold’ on any aspect of your project, it’s a red flag- and is likely an indicator of what is to come.

The role of the landscape designer is to be on your side- with your budget being the designer’s budget. You should feel like the relationship between you and your designer on the project is more like a joint effort rather than simply ‘hire, do the work, bill me.’

When It’s Done: Support After Your Backyard Makeover Is Complete

There’s nothing worse than a company that doesn’t stand behind their work- or worse- a company that ‘disappears’ after the fact. That’s why you need to make sure that the companies you are interviewing for your project will be around to support you- even after your backyard is complete. 

Inevitably there will be final touches, adjustments or replacements needed. Or, if issues arise down the road- it’s crucial to be able to get the support you need from the ones who did the job. Go and check out the landscape company’s reviews. Pay attention to what others are saying about the quality, timeliness and follow through of a given company’s landscape design work.

It’s also nice to know that you can easily get in contact with those that build your backyard landscape- as future additions or additional backyard projects may arise and keeping the same company that did the initial work is very valuable. Most of PLANT’s projects are multi-year, multi-stage projects that evolve with our clients’ needs, budgets and priorities. 


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