Watering Instructions


General Instructions:

  1. Water at the base of the plant and in the early morning or early evening.
    • Recommendations: avoid watering straight overhead or in full sun.
  2. Check with an index finger through the mulch and 1”-3″ into the soil to determine if the soil is moist.
    • Dry: see recommendation #4
    • Moist: check again in 2-3 days depending on the weather conditions
  3. Before the ground freezes (December/January) the plants needed to be watered once per week if there is no soaking rain. It is critical to keep roots moist prior to the ground freezing.
  4. Watering To Keep Moist:
    • Water until the ground stops accepting water around the plant.
    • Consistent ‘soggy’ soil can promote root rot. Keep the plants ‘moist’ not ‘soggy.’

New landscape or plantings installed?


  1. Five days a week for the 1st week
  2. Four days a week for the 2nd week
  3. Three days a week for the 3rd week
  4. Two days a week for the 4th week
  5. One day a week for the first year
  6. Water as needed for the first three years especially during drought or high heat

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