Landscape Design Bucks County: A Landscape Style & Planning Guide


How To Get Your Dream Backyard!

If you’re calling a landscape designer– it’s good to be ready to provide some helpful input!

Part of a landscape designer’s job is to help translate your style and preferences into your home’s landscape.

If you can give them something to work with (pictures on your phone will do!), the process will certainly be more productive, quicker and more fun!

But how to search? Where do I start? What do I search for? We got you. Below is a core list to help you identify various landscape design styles so you can start your ‘I LOVE that! pics’ mission on the right foot and play a very real role in the way your space turns out!

Pics of Backyard Elements You Like 

Do your research. Namely, collecting images of landscapes and accessories that you might like. 

Visit sites like Pinterest or HOUZZ and take screenshots of backyards and elements you’re drawn to. Mark photos to your favorites or even save them in a dedicated file on your mobile phone for quick, easy retrieval.

If you take the time to prepare in this way, you’ll be way ahead of the game and ready to show your landscape designer the kinds of backyard elements you’re looking for at your very first design meeting.

Research Landscape Design Styles To Show Your Landscape Designer

You’re doing this research so that you have as much helpful input as possible for your landscape designer to produce the best final product.

Take screenshots and save these images as favorites to your phone so you can share them with your landscape design project manager when you and your family are ready for your dream backyard.

Find the style or styles you like by searching online in places like Pinterest, Google Images, Houzz or YouTube. If you are wondering what your “style” is, we’ve described a few of them below.

English Garden Landscape Design Style

In Bucks County especially, the English Garden style works beautifully. Plantings in this grand style include use of Phlox, Hydrangea and Bee Balm. Hardscape items complement beautifully in natural stone.

Rose gardens and stunning topiaries add a unique degree of charm and formal appeal. An English style backyard or garden will have a symmetrical look and an order that’s a hallmark to the style category. Cement benches and wrought iron chairs can be found tucked away into a small garden ‘nook area’ meant for maximum serenity and peaceful alone time.

Modern Landscape Design Style 

A modern landscape is known for being geometric and minimalistic- from the plants to the furniture and structures. Open space is highlighted with intentionally placed, evenly spaced plant species like fescue, lavender and sedum.

Farmhouse Landscape Design Style 

Farmhouse style takes the farm and makes it a bit ‘easier going.’ Humble architecture is the setting for functional, durable outdoor furniture. Salvia and Nepeta are great plants that are often used in this style- which are often seen lining bluestone paths or simple gravel walkways.

Prairie Landscape Design Style 

The prairie look is totally natural-feeling at its core. There’s a subtle sense of organization but also a stress reducing ‘freedom’ to the plants arranged in this style of landscape. A fieldstone path might wind through a garden that’s interspersed with multiple plant species like Fox Sedge, Coneflower, Prairie Clover or Indigo. 

Tropical Landscape Design Style

A Tropical style landscape evokes a feel that’s ‘beachy’ and very ‘island.’ And sometimes, tropical can even take on more of a nautical vibe. Think about the color of your ‘ocean of oceans’, think about the beach you picture yourself at and notice the color and texture of the sand. Then, look up and contemplate the blue tones in that cloudless tropical sky. 

This is why aqua-turquoise tones, beiges and blues live harmoniously alongside tropical plants- meshing with the red-pinks, oranges or even violet accents seen in these. Use these patently tropical tones as accent colors on essential luxuries like pillows and other outdoor accessories. 

What about Bamboo? Tiki? Cabana? Spa? It’s all part of the tropical landscape style vibe.

Desert Landscape Design Style

Look for lots of succulent recipes or succulent bowls in this type of landscape. Desert style or sometimes called ‘arid style’ is typically filled with neutral colored wispy ornamental grasses with more gentle, neutral colors.

Desert style landscapes can be super low-maintenance style to build around.

Southwestern style furniture is common here and lighter tones that don’t collect sunlight- like sand-tone or light sage colors.

Desert style landscaping plans are usually somewhat fraught tolerant which is perfect for busy people.

Above: A succulent bowl ‘recipe’ that’s perfect fit for a Desert Style outdoor space.

French Garden

French Garden style is, at its essence, a sprawling space. However, it’s been done with lots of success in smaller, well… less ‘royal’ sized spaces.

French Garden style landscapes like to act as a sort of ‘garnish’ to the residence or otherwise highlight the residence architecture on the property. You’ll find long geometric lines of shrubs and plants that establish a feeling of order and ultimately point to and ‘merge’ with the structure on the property. Think of this style in terms of being a frame of sorts for the ‘artwork that is your home.’ Prominent black, wrought iron outdoor furniture will do this style well.

Other Landscape Styles  

Yes there are fusions and other transitional styles and frankly speaking, styles that are one of a kind. Maybe your style doesn’t have a name… and you don’t have to give it one. You can create anything you can imagine (there aren’t landscape style police!). Remember, style ‘names’ are just guides that help us to put words to your own landscape style and its typical elements.


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